About Me

Who am I? Why am I doing this?

I have this burden.  A burden to see all our neighbors doing well. 1 in 5 people in this district live in poverty, and 2 of the other 4 are considered "working poor".  We want to see our families happy and healthy.  We want our kids to have more opportunities then we did.  For me, it's a battle I've fought my whole life.

I am from a working class family family of six, born and raised here in Georgia. My parents, Robert & Barbara, had careers in the food service industry. Through that, I gained a firsthand understanding of the struggles many Americans face.  Watching my parents work long hours, yet be unable to change their economic reality was heartbreaking.  You come to find out that hard work doesn't always equal the ability to climb the economic ladder.  Sadly, those struggles can be passed down to your children.  Two of my siblings suffer from substance abuse issues. I lost my baby sister to gun violence.  


 Based on my parents' willingness to work hard, I started working full time at 16 to help support our family.  Doing so hurt my grades, and ruined a chance for any scholarship.  The costs of attending College made Higher Education an unattainable dream. It's difficult when you lack a post secondary degree or possess a trade skill.  However, I've never stopped working.  Like many of my neighbors, I've always taken pride in my ability to provide for my family. 


Now at 39, God has blessed me. I am happily married to Jolee, and a proud father of Taylor and Addy. My passion is to see my family live peacefully, securely, happily, and healthy. I want to pass along a better world to my children, my grandkids, and my community than the one we inherited. That is what drives and inspires me.

Much to my dismay, this doesn't seem to be the goal of our representatives at any level of government. They do not share the same vision and passion that my neighbors and I have for our community. Or perhaps they have not honestly listened to our voices. We deserve more from our public servants than party politics.  It's up to us to be that change. Just as I have done for my family, I will roll up my sleeves and work hard serving my community!  

My vision for the community


-Healthcare (including mental health) available to everyone, regardless of age, pre-existing conditions, or income.

-Growing and strengthening our middle class.  Everyone living with dignity, free from poverty.  


-Personal freedoms are protected, and we embrace the differences in our neighbors.


--Supporting our scientists by acknowledging mankind's role in climate change, and working to reduce our strain on the environment.  

-Seeing all our neighbors engaged politically. Democracy works best when we all participate.

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